Post-match : Arsenal is back ! Arsene got it right

Posted in November 28, 2010
by gudugpunyagulink

At last, we can have our joyful weekend back. We came back to London as a winner, leaving November behind. The lads have done well though we still have to wait until the end of the game to be relieved. However, they have shown us that the team was ready not only to play, but also to win the match. I could see the spirit and passion of the players on the pitch.

Arshavin was undoubtly the best performer tonight having collected a goal and an assist for the second goal, which nasri scored with a fantastic shoot. However, I thought Arshavin was too eager to run his show alone. He was spotted a few times trying to do a solo play ignoring others who were in better position. He also faded and looked tired entering the last quarter of the match. Wenger did the right subs by substituting him and nasri with a fresher and more defensive players.

I really thought that Wenger played the right composition tonight. He excluded the unreliable Denilson from the starting line-up. Then, he slotted in Rosicky. It proved to be effective since Rozza created the third goal. In addition, Song got to play more defensively because of Rozza offensive characteristic. As the result, we could keep the ball pretty well.

The manager also played the subs effectively. We became better in controlling the game. We managed to hold the lead and ended killing the game in the last minutes.

Overall, the players did well responding to the last defeats. Except Andrey, Chamakh was the other one who was having a big impact in our win. He also scored one and created an assist for our last goal. However, he was still afraid to take a shoot although managed to get into good position. I really don't understand his reluctance in taking shoots.

I guess that's all from me on tonight match. We have gone through November. December will be tougher with tighter fixtures. I hope we are able to cope well until January.

Oh, I got some youth news. Evina and Afobe have scored for their respective team. I guess they are doing well. Vito also started for Hull. Hope they get back upgraded and worth playing for the senior team.

Ok, that's all. Til then, Arsenal Mantap.